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Holiday Gift Guide: Hon's Honey


Let's continue the 2020 Holiday Gift Guides with a purpose-driven Baltimore, Maryland business, Hon's Honey.

"Hon's Honey provides a dignified solution to an overwhelming problem for women at risk of addiction, abuse, poverty, sex-trafficking, and prostitution"

Hon's Honey is so much more than a local small business that produces beautiful, locally sourced, handmade goods. The women who work at Hon's Honey, as known as Worker Bees are graduates of The Well's COR (Community, Opportunity, Responsibility) Life Mentorship program.

"We (The Well) are a community of women committed to transforming lives through long term relationships, practical programs, and the healing powder of love"

The Well is an organization that provides mentorship, programming in workforce development, financial training, family coaching, spiritual development and more. It is a holistic model and evaluating the needs of the individual and helping her overcome the challenges in her life. Through Hon's Honey, The Well provides employment opportunities for meaningful work.

This also helps to create a sustainable model to support the programming at The Well. These are some of the many reasons I'm happy to feature the products made by Hon's Honey in this year's gift guides.

Hon's Honey has been so kind to partner with me to give away one of their mini bundles to one of my followers. The mini bundle includes a 3oz jar of Raw Honey, 'Dem' Lips Moisturizer, and a lavender rose 'Warsh Bar'. Head to my Instagram for details on how to enter.


Below you'll find links to some of my favorite products from Hon's Honey. Disclaimer: I'm not benefiting financially from promoting Hon's Honey and The Well


I love this Bath Gift Box. It comes with the Detox Face Mask, Warm Vanilla Shuga' Scrub, Immune Bath Bomb, Vanilla Spice Warsh Bar & a personalized note from you.


For the honey lover in your life. Check out this 16oz jar of the Raw Honey. They also have a honey pump on their site!


The Hon's Lotion Bar is perfect for your dry skin that comes with the winter season. Simply rub it between your hands and apply the lotion. It's made of beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil.


This shirt is so freaking soft and super cute. It comes in crew neck or v-neck and you better believe that I have both.


I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Let me know if you support Hon's Honey, and if you can't decide, they also have gift cards. Up next will be a gift guide of 'Kristin's Picks'.


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