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Hello! I'm Kristin, I grew up in Southern California and now call Maryland home. I moved to Baltimore for work as a nurse after college and now live in Annapolis with my husband and three cats. Cooking has always been a passion of mine, I was a latchkey kid growing up and learned so much from cooking shows. I like to think of my style in the kitchen as a cross between Rachael Ray and Ina Garten. Mixing the simple everyday and also taking the extra step especially when entertaining.


I love to feed others and help everyone reach their potential in the kitchen! Hapa Homecooking started with me filming recipe demonstrations on Instagram for my friends and family. And it has quickly grown into an amazing foodie community that has helped me turn this passion project into a full blown food blog!


Now you may be wondering what 'Hapa' is, so let me share. Hapa is originally a Hawiian term to describe a person of mixed ethic background. Growing up in Southern California, it is a common term that individuals such as myself used to identify. My Father is Korean and my Mum is Australian. Hapa is really a broad term that's used to describe anyone who are partially Asian and partially Caucasian. It was so welcoming to find others who have had a similar experience growing up, for those who don't feel like they fit into "one box".


I think Hapa not only describes how I identify ethnically, but also describes the food I make in my kitchen. Thank you so much for joining me on this cooking adventure! 





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